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Veteran's Rights Activist Files Lawsuit against City of Philadelphia

Christian, Servant and Humanitarian

Ms. Brown may appear to be a small unintimidating woman, but never ever judge a book by its cover.  She is a fiery pistol of a woman with a passion for humanity and is armed with 4 degrees – one being a law degree.  She is the force behind the recent pro se federal lawsuit CIVIL ACTION 14 4941 in The U.S. District Court For The Eastern District of Pennsylvania citing violations of the constitutional rights to the fundamental questions of due process and equal protection for Veterans.

During her travels to many countries overseas and over 46 States within the United States, she gained the focus that was required for her to realize her life destiny.  Ms. Brown had the opportunity to visit states that are literally heavily saturated with homeless individuals ranging from 16 to 80 years of age. The disturbing reality of this information was so profound and devastating to her that in the year 1997, she began to concentrate on, and develop a plan to a solution for which she thought would help bridge a humanitarian gap between the community, the homeless, and the disabled veterans.  

Out of the many days and nights of concentrating on means to an end to her disturbance about homelessness of  War Veterans , she believed that she could make a difference and positively impact the lives of these Veterans. In 1998, Ms. Brown birth out of this disturbance, the “Basic Family Concept”. The Basic Family Concept is a simple but effective concept of providing a family environment for the war veterans, whereby the homeless veterans can function as a family unit  while living with other veterans in a home style environment which gives them an opportunity to work on the process of healing their mental, spiritual, and physical being.

She came to Philadelphia PA in 1998 and opened a facility to house homeless Vets and youths who age out of the Foster Care System.  Her efforts required research which revealed that the City of Philadelphia didn’t even have the statistics on homeless veterans and lacked adequate resources for the men and women who have served our country.

Her passion for Veterans stems from the fact that her father and three of her brothers were Veterans and were not treated properly.  The first degree she earned was in nursing and this equipped her to take care of her family members personally.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday, August 26.  The defendants are the Mayor of Philadelphia and four members of city Council, namely, Darrell Clarke, Curtis Jones, David Oh, and Jannie Blackwell. They were officially served on Tuesday, August 27, 2014  and will have 21 days to serve their answer(s).

Allegations include the following:

79. The defendants have refused to follow its guidelines and regulations regarding the appointment of Philadelphia County Director of Veteran Affairs.

80. Defendants have violated the Veterans residing in the County of Philadelphia in that other counties within Pennsylvania have appointed a County Director of Veteran Affairs to serve it's residents.

81. The Defendants have no legal authority to circumvent the Federal Law, Rules, and Statues as these laws pertain to the rights of Veterans.

82. The Defendants have denied the Plaintiff and Veterans residing in the County of Philadelphia due process of law by circumventing its legislative laws and the laws of United States Constitutional Rights of Veterans.

83. The Defendants refusal to follow its own rules , regulations and guidelines are arbitrary, capricious and without legal justification.

84. The Defendants refusal to appoint a County Director of Veteran Affair is arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of power granted by Congress.
If the Defendants do not appoint a County Director of Veteran Affairs, the plaintiff will suffer irreparable harm, which includes but are not limited to not receiving all of the benefits afforded him as a service connected disabled Vietnam Veteran.

85. There is not adequate remedy at law to cure the harm that has been suffered and will continue to be suffered by the Plaintiff and Veteran residents of the County of Philadelphia as a result of the failure of the defendants to follow the letter of the law in providing services to the veterans who have served this country, laid down their lives for this country and served in the Armed Forces so as to secure this nation from harm.

“I don’t have any allegiance to the City of Philadelphia, the State or anybody else.  My allegiance is to the disenfranchised and under-served population.”

It won’t end here.  There are also concerns with the stats for the youth who age out of the foster care system.  Most large cities have these stats – but not Philadelphia.  “We need the information so that we can help this demographic of the city’s population.  A lot of crime can be countered with acts of love and kindness to the displaced youth.  They need a have where they will be nurtured, guided, educated and encouraged to be productive citizens.” Ms. Brown shared.

Her first book entitled Y'All Better Git Here!: A Manifesto of Black Pride and Sheer Courage to Git There is an impacting memoir by Earnestine Oliver Brown who grew up in the rural south to sharecroppers; her grandmother, the matriarch, ensured all of her children and grandchildren had opportunities to learn, own businesses and have a reputable presence in the community despite being raised the segregated south. This book will warm your heart as Earnestine take readers on a journey of sheer vision - Her grandmother used to stand on the porch and call the children Y'all bet git here! when they over stayed passed a certain hour from the house and taking that theme, Earnestine is sounding the clarion call to ALL Americans but especially African Americans, there is no reason to lag behind on a massive scale, too many have paid the price for you to arrive - to be somebody, to own your business, to be a trend setter and make a visible economic difference for the next generation. GIT there

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Business Tip for the month of August - From Anita T. Conner & Associates, P.C.

Do a business valuation when you're ready to sell your company

Well before you're ready to sell your company, you'll want to determine its fair market value as a starting point for negotiations. Of course, obtaining a reasonably precise value for your business is often a complicated and time-consuming task. Accurate appraisals must weigh a variety of factors and incorporate numerous assumptions. The more precise the underlying numbers and suppositions, the more likely the appraiser's determination of fair market value will reflect what a willing buyer would actually pay. Following are two questions an appraisal should address.
  • How does your business compare? If you're operating a service business, your valuation will differ — often substantially — from a company involved in light manufacturing or retail. Buyers will expect a reasonable return on their investment, a return that is often represented as some form of earnings multiplier. For example, your business may be valued at three times projected earnings. Once determined, that number can be compared to businesses of similar size in your market. Of course, accurate valuations must compare apples with apples. "Earnings" must be defined. Should "earnings" include or exclude the owner's pay, interest expense, depreciation, or taxes? A careful appraisal will also scrutinize the balance sheet. The basis for valuing tangible and intangible assets (including non-compete agreements) and liabilities (such as mortgages, installment loans, and accounts payable) should be clearly laid out — before the business is put on the block.
  • Will present trends continue? The future is always murky, but a careful analysis will be based on conservative projections, assumptions, and common sense. If, for example, the business is expected to retain skilled management and employees, buyers may be willing to pay a premium. If, on the other hand, the company is overly dependent on a few products or customers, potential buyers may be scared off. Or they may require concessions to mitigate perceived risk. Again, a careful appraisal will consider many such factors and value the business accordingly.
Remember: an appraisal is merely a starting point for negotiations. The more accurate the appraisal, the more likely the business will be priced correctly and potential buyers will be attracted. Unfortunately, determining the fair market value of a business may be fraught with missteps and faulty assumptions. For that reason, hiring a trained and objective professional is often a worthwhile investment.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Contact:  Dayna Cherry

Local Author/Entrepreneur Hosts Inaugural
Author’s Book Signing and Networking Event
For Authors who are seeking community and National recognition

Philadelphia, PA – August, 2014 -  When Dan Ramsey became incarcerated, he took it as an opportunity to reflect on his fast and furious lifestyle of gangs, drugs, pain and power.  He used reading as an outlet and a tool to help him grow internally – studying the Bible, the Koran and a variety of other books.    Danny believes that God spared his life to enlighten and empower him to bring many books to fruition – book s that will aid others in their search for inner meaning.   Inspired by his daughter, he wrote and illustrated 9 children’s books.  He is also the author of “For Men Only… Having A Loving Relationship With God And Your Woman” a book that was written exclusively for men to help them see that the role of a woman in their lives is an essential element of their spiritual health and a significant contributor to their own self-actualization.

“I started writing For Men Only…Having A Loving Relationship With God And Your Woman while I was incarcerated.  I became a lecturing in prison and upon my return to society began teaching various men’s groups about the importance of keeping God in the relationship with their women.  I brought so much information to the forefront that the participants couldn’t retain it all in one session and I was asked to write it down.  So, I self-published this book that I had written while incarcerated.”

Daniel emphasizes that the book is not just For Men Only.  “Lots of women have read it as well.  It was written for men because men are supposed to be the head of the household and they need to be straight in order for the household to be in order.    Woman who read this book are getting a different perspective on the male experience.  It helps women raise their standards in what they expect in a relationship.”

“Ever since I published this book, I’ve meant several fellow authors who've shared their stories about the journey of writing a book.  Many have become discouraged, lacking support and information about writing and publishing books.  I decided to host a forum to bring authors together, giving them an opportunity to promote and sell their books, to network and to learn more about writing and publishing.  “I wanted to offer a forum where Authors could come together and encourage one another.  We need to surround ourselves with like-minded people and build up one another’s confidence.   I also wanted to have a place and time dedicated to encouraging people to read; children and adults.”

Treasure’s Banquet Hall will host its Inaugural Author’s Book Signing and Networking Event Authors of all genres are invited to participate in this great opportunity to share published and upcoming work.    There are currently 10 authors who have signed up to participate. 
There will also be representatives there from the Philadelphia Chapter of The National Writers Union UAW Local 1981 -  the only labor union that represents freelance writers.

Now, more than ever, with the consolidation of power into the hands of ever-larger corporate entities and with the advent of technologies that facilitate the exploitation of a writer’s work, writers need an organization with the clout and know-how to protect our interests. One that will forge new rules for a new era.

Combining the strength of more than 1,200 members in our 13 chapters with the support of the United Automobile Workers, the NWU works to advance the economic and working conditions of all writers

This event takes place Friday August 22, 2014, 2pm – 8pm at Treasure’s Banquet Hall 5549 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144.  This event is free to the public.  Author’s fee is $15 for table. 
For information, contact Dayna Cherry 267-601-6094 or Daniel Ramsey at 267-241-5695.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Author’s Book Signing and Networking Event

Treasure’s Banquet Hall is inviting Authors of all genres to participate in this great opportunity to share published and upcoming work.

The event takes place Friday August 22, 2014,
 2pm – 8pm
At Treasure’s Banquet Hall
5549 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

This event is free to the public. 
Author’s fee is $15 for table. 

For information, contact:
Dayna Cherry
Daniel Ramsey

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh Woman! How Great Is Thy Faith! Let it Be as Thou Willl!!!

This Post is Inspired by The Canaanite Woman in Mathew 15:

This scripture was never one of my favorites.  I would get defensive about
 it because Jesus called the woman a dog; unfit for even crumbs from the
Master's table.  But this past weekend I attended a Camp Meeting service
 a the SDA Allegheny East Conference in Pine Forge, PA.  The guest
speaker was Admiral Barry Black.  Now, I had not been to camp meeting
 there in about 6 years, but when I heard that Barry Black was speaking,
 I put on my hat and went to hear him speak.  I was not disappointed.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Outlet Malls: Do they give you a good deal?

A few years back, outlet malls had an almost seedy reputation. They tended to be located far from upscale neighborhoods and generally offered defective or second-rate goods. Nowadays, outlet stores look a lot more like their full retail counterparts. Though outlets may not feature showpiece displays or offer wide selection, they're popular for one main reason: perceived savings. Nevertheless, shoppers need to know the tricks of the trade.
  • Quality may differ. Several studies have shown that over 80% of the products sold at factory outlets were manufactured specifically for those stores. So the blouse that's on the rack at the outlet store may not be identical to a similar item displayed at the store's retail establishment or on their website. At the outlet mall, leather in a purse may have been replaced with plastic; sweaters may be shorter and have fewer buttons; T-shirts may be constructed with fewer stitches and lighter fabric. Although these differences in quality may not be a deal breaker for you, it's always prudent to know what you're buying.
  • How much is that discount, really? Using a marketing technique known as "reference pricing," bold price tags at the outlet store may advertise a huge discount from an item's "retail price." Unfortunately, that "retail price" may have been concocted at the store's recent management meeting. There's no guarantee that merchandise at the outlet store was ever listed for that price at a retail establishment.
  • Shop sales and promotions. Outlet malls have sales, too, and it makes sense to shop when items are truly discounted. Sign up for an outlet store's mailing list to be notified about upcoming promotions. And before you buy, make sure the retail store isn't offering an even bigger discount for your favorite item.
  • Shop the off-season. Look for bargains when stores are trying to move their end-of-season inventory. Buy beach apparel in the fall, winter coats in the spring.
  • Don't be afraid to leave empty-handed. Driving a long distance to an outlet mall doesn't necessarily justify a shopping spree. If it makes sense to buy an item, buy it. If not, wait to shop another day.
  • Know the store's return policy. Retail establishments may not take returns from outlets. Others may require price tags and receipts before accepting returns.
As always, follow the wise consumer's tried-and-true maxim: buyer beware.
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